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Insurance Tips

Maintaining Insurance – Speak to your agent any time you make a big change. You want to make sure you’re properly covered.

  • Marriage, Divorce, Death
  • Moving, Remodeling, Building, Renting out your current property or buying a seasonal property
  • Starting a Home Business or Farming Operation
  • Adding/Selling Farm Equipment, Livestock, or Recreational Vehicles
  • Leaving your home vacant or unoccupied for more than a month at a time

Fire Prevention & Planning

  • Formulate an escape plan in case of a fire and practice with your family.
  • There should be a smoke alarm on each level of your home and one outside each bedroom.
  • Change the battery in your smoke alarm annually.
  • Upgrade your smoke alarm every 10 years.
  • Never leave a burning candle unoccupied or in the path of children or pets.
  • Clean out the lint trap in your dryer after every load. Clean the dryer exhaust annually.
  • Check electrical cords for damage and discontinue use if damage is found.
  • Do not overload your electrical outlets.
  • Do not leave space heaters unattended, and do not use extension cords with space heaters.
  • Keep space heaters a safe distance from curtains, furniture or combustibles.
  • Have your gas lines and furnace checked annually.

Solid Fuel Burning Devices – because solid fuel devices such as wood burning fireplaces, woodstoves, pellet stoves and corn stoves pose a higher risk of fire, we require that policyholders disclose if any of these devices are installed on insured property.

  • All solid fuel devices must be inspected and approved by our Fire Safety Representative.
  • If you’re considering installing a solid fuel device, please contact us for our requirements.

Vacation Checklist

  • Turn off water at the main supply.
  • Have the post office hold your mail.
  • Suspend deliveries.
  • Use a timer for lights.
  • Have a trusted family member or friend check on your home daily while you are gone.