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Prevention – It is the policyholder’s duty to prevent further damage due to a claim.

Report – Contact your agent to report a claim. In a claims emergency, you can call our after-hours line at (507) 734-3541.

Adjusting – An adjuster will be assigned to your claim and will contact you to set up an appointment. The adjuster will assess the damage, take photos & measurements, and discuss the claim with you.

Estimate & Proof – The adjuster will take their findings back and work up an estimate and proof of loss. The proof will be sent to you to be reviewed. If you agree with the estimate and settlement, sign the proof and send it back to your adjuster.

Payment – Depending on the type of policy and the type of loss you’ve experienced, a full or partial payment will be made once the proof of loss is signed.

Repair/Replace – You are responsible for hiring a contractor and repairing/replacing your damaged property. Keep all your receipts for claim-related costs. These will need to be sent to the adjuster once the repair/replacement is finished.

Final Payment – Once the repair/replacement is finished and you’ve sent in all the final invoices, the adjuster will calculate a final payment.