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Company History

Western Mutual became a Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company on June 16, 1894. Like most mutual insurance companies of that time, it was formed to help those who were starting out in farming and in need of fire protection for their property. The first board of directors, all local and area business leaders had the foresight to have the State of Minnesota allow the mutual to write business in the entire State of Minnesota. Western Mutual has grown over the years and is now located in over 40 agencies throughout the state of Minnesota.


Manager – Jennifer Kaup
Lead Processor – Pam Kirk
Underwriting & Claims – Courtney Otto
CSR & Policy Processor – Teresa Wendland

Board of Directors

President – Ron Schwartau
Vice President – Daryl Swan
Secretary – Jason Swan
Treasurer – Nicole Larson
Steve Miller
James Tutt
Allisa Wendland